About us



We pride ourselves in providing the best quality care for your cat during their stay.

You are welcome to visit before you book and meet Chris who runs the cattery (please note that at this time any visits are at the discretion of the management and subject to appropriate Covid controls)

The chalets are all purpose built in a timber constructed building. The area is continually managed to meet the highest standards of hygiene, cat health care and security. 

Wellbeing and Healthcare

We provide close care and attention to all our guests and spend time getting to know each cat, so we can tailor our approach to meet their needs.  We want every cat to feel comfortable and receive the kind of attention which helps them to feel confident in the cattery surroundings.

We closely observe your cats behaviour, eating and toileting habits to check they remain fit and well during their stay. We are always on the alert for any signs of stress or ill health. We promise to take action quickly to remedy any problems and will contact you (or your nominated emergency contact) to seek instructions and we will ensure veterinary assistance is sought quickly if there is a problem. For cats who have ongoing health problems we are happy to work closely with you and your veterinary surgeon to give the best possible care, and treatment prescribed prior to boarding will be administered at no extra charge.

Blankets, cushions, baskets, favourite toy or anything that would make your cat feel more at home are welcome provided flea treatment is up to date.  Please be aware that certain brands are ineffective.  For further information, do give us a call to discuss.

We use recycled paper cat litter.